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Automotive Battery

Your automotive battery is responsible for the life of your car, and there are many different types to choose from.

Your automotive battery is one of the most important parts of a properly functioning car.  Without one your car just won’t start.  Your choice of battery is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as the right type will provide plenty of vehicle security, but the wrong type will be unreliable and untrustworthy.  Not knowing whether your car will start or not on any given day, is usually something most people don’t want to have to deal with.  So choosing the best automotive battery is essential, for convenience and reliability concerns.

The automotive battery is essential for every car, because it’s responsible for starting your motor, working the vehicle’s lights, and starting the ignition.  Without a battery none of these actions are possible, and your car becomes completely useless.  Batteries are responsible for providing the electricity to start your engine, so that your car has the power to use gasoline as fuel.  Your engine needs that electric start to begin churning, to get the gas burning, and start your car moving.

The most commonly used automotive battery, are lead-acid batteries that make use of flooded cell technology.  A flooded cell battery uses liquid electrolyte to create electricity that can then be used for any automotive use.  These batteries come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes to conform to a wide variety of vehicles, and vehicle styles.  The most common are starting, and deep cycle batteries.

Starting batteries are also known as cranking, and shallow cycle, which refers to the way that the battery is intended to be used.  This automotive battery provides quick short bursts of energy for the purposes of starting an engine.  This is the most common car battery, and provides the burst of electrical current required to start a vehicle.  Once the motor has been started, the car will switch to power provided by burning gasoline, and the battery is recharged completely.

Deep cycle automotive batteries are different than shallow cycle, as they provide power over a prolonged period of time.  These are found in electric cars, and recreational vehicles that require the use of a battery. Deep cycle types provide power for any vehicle that requires electricity, like secondary power for recreational vehicles, and many golf cart functions.  These batteries are required to be recharged by using a plug that is attached to the vehicle, and attaching it to an outlet when not in use.

To purchase an automotive battery, determine the type that you need, so you can narrow down what you’ll be looking for.  Then, a car specialist is the best place to go to find batteries at the cheapest prices.  Either the dealership where you purchased your car, or an automotive repair shop are good places to start.  Remember also that an automotive battery can be difficult to properly change, so professional installation is always a plus.  That will cost you a little extra, depending upon which shop you use, but that money ensures proper installation.  Typically an automotive battery will cost you $150-$300 depending upon which brand, and type you choose.